Mission Statement - PENNATI Mechanical Constructions

Pennati Costruzioni Meccaniche is willing, in particular, to tackle with enthusiasm any type of new problem associated with the handling of bulk solid materials in industrial processes.

Our technical drawing office, designers and draughtsmen, have always endeavoured to find innovative and effective solutions to satisfy the most specialised and complex requirements to fine tune the most appropriate engineering processes using the ratio of investment/profit as a guide. The project is studied throughout the stages of design and external manufacture by expert professionals, with whom Pennati Costruzioni Meccaniche is proud to have enjoyed successful relationships over many years.

Nowadays we believe that after sales support is an essential service to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. As a result this is the guiding light for our technicians/supervisors during all stages of manufacture, start up and testing with regard to mechanical parts or to plant design, working directly on the system, wherever necessary, to adjust, calibrate and iron out any problems that may arise.

Our support is also provided through scheduled machinery maintenance programs, refined as a result of our long-term experience, provision of spare parts being guaranteed for the entire plant life.

Over a course of many years a multitude of problems have been examined and brilliantly resolved posed by a host of varied clients thanks to the development of processes and solutions for the treatment of difficult and special materials (municipal solid waste, bicarbonate, ash, industrial sludge and many more).

Innovation, research and development form the basis of Pennati's professionalism, proven and confirmed by old family tradition, handed down over three generations of passion and innovation and reliability and expertise within the area of mechanical engineering and its multi-faceted applications.