Cylinder Mills Model 490 - Pennati Costruzioni Meccaniche S.r.l.

The model 490 cylinder mill is used to grind various materials and minerals of a soft, semi-hard and hard nature.
It uses the principle of grinding by compression: product size is guaranteed by adjusting the gap between the grinding rollers, by means of micrometric screws and a visual measurement scale.
Crushed product is discharged by gravity.
The product is crushed by forcing it on entering the machine to pass through the gap between the two counter-rotating cylindrical rollers which can be activated independently; this may take place in various stages, in cascade to produce ever finer particle sizes.
The technical features and the throughputs achieved make the cylinder mill particularly suitable in those cases where it is necessary to keep the content of ultra-fine powders in the crushed product to a minimum.
The cylinders may be smooth or ridged, in mild steel, stainless steel or in alloy cast iron.
  • Features

    One or more stages. They are used for controlled outlet grain size crushing of different kinds of materials in case it's required to minimize the ultra-finest content of powder. The cylinders external surface can be smooth or ruled, in carbon steel or anti-wear cast alloys. Every cylinder has one driving unit of his, with peripheral speed from 3 m/secs to 10 - 12 m/secs. One cylinder is fixed, the other cylinder is flowing on cursors, with adjustable pre-loading springs device, or pistons with hydraulic driving and accumulator with nitrogen in pressure. In the case of use of smooth cylinders, blades of cleaning are used in steel K100 adjustable from the outside. Shafts provided with self-aligning roller bearings. Possibility of regulation of the free distance between the cylinders by calibrated thickness. Sealed casing complete with dedusting nozzles. Sealing by gland packings, sealing rings. Strong supporting frame complete with flanged outlet hopper. Inlet opening all along the actual working length of the cylinders.

  • References for Cylinder Mills 490 type

    Plant Location Model Units No. Raw Material Capacity t/h each Installed Power kW
    Milano (Italy) 490/60x40 3 Bottom ash 3 2x5.5
    Bussi (Italy) 490/40x130 1 Sodium Perborate 3 2x22
    Bussi (Italy) 490/40x100 1 Sodium Perborate 3 2x11
    Bussi (Italy) 490/35x60 1 Sodium disilicate 1 2x3
    Indonesia 490/40x100 1 Salts 2 2x7.5
    Mexico 490/40x100 1 Solidified slags 2 2x7.5
    Indonesia 490/40x100 1 Salts 2 2x7.5
    Brazil 490/45x100 1 Salts and slags 1 2x7.5
    Sardegna  (Italy) 490/45x80 1 Salt 30 2x37
    Milano (Italy) 490/60x100 1 Granulated slags 30 2x45
    China 490/40x50 1 Paraformaldehyde 5 2x11
    Castellanza (Italy) 490/45x80 1 Mould sand 20 2x22
    Sorrento (Italy) 490/40x50 1 Adamsite 2 2x7.5
    Forlì (Italy) 490/60x40 3 Bottom ash 3 2x5.5
    Rimini (Italy) 490/60x40 3 Bottom ash 3 2x5.5
    Barletta (Italy) 490/45x80 2 Granular NPK 12 2x22
    Genova (Italy)   490/40x50 1 Solidified slags 3 2x11
    Avezzano  (Italy) 490/20x40 1 Metal alloys 2 11
    Avezzano  (Italy) 490/20x40 3 Metal alloys 00:02 11
    Avezzano  (Italy) 490/14X15 2 GETTERS   2X4
    Sardegna  (Italy) 490/120x100 1 Feldspar 20 2x55
    China 490/80x160 4 Eureka Pitch 8,5 2x55
    China 490/40x50 1 Eureka pitch 2,5 2x4.0
    Sardegna  (Italy) 490/45x80 1 Feldspar 10 2x22
    China 490/40x50 1 Ammonium sulphate 8 2x7.5
    FERRARA 490/60x40 1 Bottom ash 3 2x5,5
    RAVENNA 490/60x40 1 Bottom ash 3 2x5,5
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